Brooke is one of the most versatile male dancers to come out of the UK. He specialises in the funk styles of popping and locking but he is capable to a high level in numerous dance styles from contemporary to tap to hip hop both in freestyle and choreography. A former international level trampolinist, Brooke has very strong acrobatic ability and uses this within his dance to maximum effect.

• UK B-Boy Championships World Finals 2013 & 2012 Solo Popping Runner Up
• AlunaGeorge “Your Drums, Your Love” Music Video 2013 (Choreographer & Featured Dancer)
• Funkin’ Styles World Team Battle Champion 2012, Berlin (Prototype)
• Juste Debout UK Popping Champion 2011


A former World Trampolining Champion, Roxy has now established herself as a major force on the international break dance circuit having competed in Europe, America and Asia. Fast becoming one of the top b-girls on the planet, Roxy is well known for her incredible freezes and flexibility as well her effortless power. She is an amazing show performer with a mesmerizing presence and an array of awe inspiring moves which never fail to amaze her audience.

• UK B-Boy Championships Winner Bonnie & Clyde
• HHI World Hip Hop Dance Championships Winner
• 3vs3 World B-Girl Champion
• Guinness World Record – Most Headspins in one minute (female)


Popping specialist Marvel naturally incorporates animatronic styles into his dance and is known for his inventive isolations. Marvel is a well accomplished performer who never fails to captivate an audience and leave them in awe of the illusions he creates. Since his school days, he has been inspired to keep pushing himself to achieve new skills and reach higher levels both competitively and artistically.

• Sky 1’s Got To Dance (Finalist)
• Let’s Dance for Sport Relief 2012
• Funkin’ Stylez UK (finalist)
• Juste Debout UK (semi-finalist)
• Britain’s Got Talent (semi-finalist)


B-Boy Marcio is an original powermover, very strong and athletic. Though originally born in Portugal, he is the typical Frenchman. When meeting him, you can just imagine him coming out of a bakery with a baguette under his arm. His signature moves are the airflare key ending with different freezes and the reverse elbow airflare.
When Marcio battles, he expresses his inner self and his only goal is to win. In the battle he feels like everything is on fire, the audience, the floor, the dancers. “It feels like I’m burning up inside and the only thing left to do is let myself explode to let the fire out onto the dance floor.”
MARCIO is a successful professional B-Boy. He performs, battles, judges and also does shows and TV commercials with Legiteam Obstruxion.


Whose real name is Rauf Yasit, is a Berlin Dancer and artist with Kurdish roots. When he was a child his father who was a folklore-dance teacher in Kurdistan taught him all traditional Kurdish dances and made him dance at weddings or when family came for visit. He first started attending the Break Dancing spot in his hometown Celle in 1998 and in 2007 RubberLegz first started to work in an contemporary dance production. For the first time he had to dance with contemporary dancers – 8 hours 5 times a week, dancing wasn’t just a hobby anymore, it became his work and his life. Today, at 27 he is a world wide known and respected Break Dancer with his very own special style. Competing and Judging competitions and teaching Workshops all around the Globe.


Despite his young age is one of the most popular power movers in the world and also a stage dancer in modern dance theater productions.  His acrobatic moves show not only how he masters and uses his energetic physical strength. Lil’ Amok also connects creativity with force – “I will push the Limit till it´s over……. but it´s far from over !